Rachel Sterling


Energy Healer | Tarot | Psychic Medium

Rachel Sterling is an experienced energy healer, tarot card reader and psychic medium. “My mission as a healer is to create a safe space for well being and help people move away from fear and into an awakened state of knowledge, love, and empowerment.”

People do not just walk away from a reading but carry their new wisdom with them, wielding it as a healing tool to align and empower them along their path.  In Rachel’s words, “We can deeply heal our souls when we consciously see patterns that no longer serve us in our lives.

Energy healing and tarot can provide divine wisdom so we have the insight to become more conscious. 

30-minute session - $40 | 60-minute session -$80 | $50 Egg Spiritual Cleanse

If you want to book a session with less than 24 hours notice please call the store at (415) 306-7707. Thanks!