Healings & Readings




Healings & Readings

Heart Tribe is a place to tap into your own reserves of healing and knowing. We are a collective of practitioners of the healing arts who are here to guide and support you in discovering your innate wholeness. From Reiki to Somatic bodywork, Tarot Divination to Astrological readings, we’ll lovingly aid you on your path, whatever you may be seeking.


Meet our practitioners

Karrie Myers Taylor
Empowerment Astrologer
Flower Essence Practitioner

Rachel Sterling
Energy Healer | Tarot | Psychic Medium

Lili Shuster
Intuitive Energy Work | Crystal Healing Aromatherapy

Victoria von Gorski
Tarot | Psychic Readings 

Lucia Grace Young
Bodywork | Yoga Therapy | Chakra Balancing Somatic Coaching

Maria Colina
Reiki Master | Sound Healing | Meditation

Amanda Mehalick
Intuitive Healer | Spiritual Teacher | Trance Channel

Ellie Schreiner
Intuitive Readings | Medium
Spirit Reiki Master | Intuition Coach Motivational Speaker


Melusina Gomez
Curandera and Practitioner of Nahualismo, M.F.A., M.A.

Anna Stid, D.C.
Shamanic Chiropractic | Neuro-Emotional Technique | Core Shamanic Healing

Somya Devi
Vedic Astrology | Ayurveda
Integrative Massage

Jen Duchene
Akashic Record Reader & Healer Spiritual Counselor | Illuminating Journey Cardist

Jasin Deegan
Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator

Angelina Frost
Intuitive Empath | Clairvoyant | Trainer Intuitive Coach | Facilitator

Adam Cole Shapiro
Omni-Dimensional Healer


Would you like to offer your healing gifts at Heart Tribe? We would love to meet you and connect! Please reach out. We have two beautiful spaces for sessions, a loft that is perfect for readings and a private room for quiet work.