Angelina Frost

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Intuitive Empath | Clairvoyant | Trainer | Intuitive Coach Facilitator

Intuitive/Past Life Reading - Next Step Energy Clearing

After creating a safe and grounded space for clear spirit-to-spirit communication, Angelina will read the past lives that are currently lighting up in your field to give you deeper insight into present-time challenges. 

With that insight, if you wish, your guides and angels will be asked to bring whatever karma is surfacing into present time, utilizing the frequency of forgiveness. 

Angelina's readings help you clear a pathway to your next best version of your ever-emerging Self.

60-minute session: $90  |  90-minute session: $135  |  2-hour session: $180

Coursework and Daylong Trainings

Angelina has created the following courses and daylong workshops for you who wish to broaden and expand your relationship with yourSelf, your mind and emotions, your unique purpose and your connection with the natural and unseen worlds. 

You will emerge from each daylong or series with many priceless tools to help you navigate your vast inner realms with confidence and reverence while cultivating a deeper awareness of your electrical nature and your connectedness with Source. 

Learn to utilize your design to ground, connect, explore and create, as well as come to a place of honor for your unique expression of Life Force, and that of those around you. 

Gain routines for self-healing, protection and transformation while deepening your awareness of how purpose desires to express through you, how to know the difference between intuition and fear, and much more. 

Each of the following consists of one 10-hour group session, during one weekend day - Dates TBA

Be Your Own Guru (BYOG) I - IV* 

Discover qualities of mind you use all the time without realizing, and how to use them with purpose, love and intention.

  • BYOG I - Connection - Pre-requisite: None

    • How to cultivate connection, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Bring the gift of connection to work, home, life and be the gift you were born to be.

  • BYOG II - Explore - Prerequisite: Be Your Own Guru I

    • Discover the subtle art of curiosity and the power of the well-crafted question.  Five Core Questions, guaranteed to uncover limiting hidden beliefs and get yourself or those you serve unstuck!

  • BYOG III - Create - Prerequisites: Be Your Own Guru I and II

    • Learn to use Intention the way it was intended, how not to shoot yourself in the foot with a poorly crafted intention, and how to harness its force in your life, for yourself and those you love. 

  • BYOG IV - Detach - Prerequisites: Be Your Own Guru I - III 

    • Learn what the ancient principle of detachment actually is and how you can use it to free yourself to be yourself, as well as freeing those around you to do the same.

*BYOG - $189/class - Watch for announcements for upcoming dates, or create a group of your own!

Each of the following courses consist of nine (9) weekly, two to three-hour sessions

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) I - Beginner Level

Prerequisites: None

  • The Basics

  • The Nine Gamut

  • Sensing Blockage

  • The Five Core Questions 

  • Emotional Trauma and PTSD

  • FEAR

  • Grief and Anger

  • Blame, Shame and Guilt - Ending a Deadly Triad

  • Review and Completion

Notebooks and handouts provided

$27/session or $234 for the series paid in-full, prior to launch

What’s Your Peace? - A Deep Dive Into Purpose

Prerequisites: BYOG I 

  • Roots of What’s Your Peace and Deep Bow - Opening Ceremony and Intention Setting

  • How to Recognize and Identify Purpose Expressing in Your Life I - IV

  • Collage Your Vision

  • Share Your Vision

  • Explore Your Shape in the Context of Our Group

  • Completion Ceremony

Notebooks and handouts provided

$27/session or $234 for the series paid in-full, prior to launch

Basics of Being  - Clairvoyant Meditation

Prerequisites: Be Your Own Guru I - IV

  • Open - Intention Setting and Learn to Ground

  • Practice Grounding and Learn Protection

  • Sense Your Energy

  • Run Your Energy

  • Identify and Clear Energetic Blocks

  • Replenish Your Energy

  • Connect with Divinity

  • Review - Completion

Notebooks and handouts provided

$27/session or $234 for the series paid in-full, prior to launch


Prerequisite - Basics of Being and EFT I

  • Opening Ceremony and Intention Setting

  • Karma - What It Isn’t - What It Is

  • Identifying Karma In Your Life 

  • How to Use Karma for Growth

  • How to Use Karma for Release

  • How to Avoid Creating More Dense Karma

  • Forgiveness - What it Isn’t - What it Is

  • Receiving and Transmitting Forgiveness

  • Completion Ceremony

Notebooks and handouts provided

$27/session or $234 for the series paid in-full, prior to launch

EFT II - Intermediate

Prerequisites: Be Your Own Guru I and II + EFT I

Notebooks and handouts provided

$27/session or $234 for the series paid in-full, prior to launch

EFT III- Master


Be Your Own Guru III and IV + EFT I and II

Notebooks and handouts provided

$27/session or $234 for the series paid in-full, prior to launch

Sisterhood, Leadership and Healing - A Mastermind

Prerequisites: Be Your Own Guru I - IV; EFT I; What’s Your Peace?

SLH is an on-going series designed for women healers, leaders, business owners, facilitators and teachers who want support in bringing forth the next best iteration of themselves and/or their offerings. 

SLH is co-designed, in real time by those who participate, and meets one weekend per quarter, indefinitely. 

Contact Angelina directly to learn more about Sisterhood, Leadership and Healing

About Angelina: Angelina brings thirty years of training, practice and hard-won experience as a mother, wife, activist, leader and instructor. With BPI (1989-1993), ACIM (1994-present), Louise Hay (1995-present) Byron Katie (1998-present), Marshall Rosenberg (1998-2000), Gary Craig (2000-present), Julia Butterfly Hill (2000-2010), Bryan Franklin (2009-present), Christie Marie Sheldon (2014-present), and Brené Brown (2015-present) as trainers and mentors, Angelina will confidently meet you with strength, compassion, purpose and love, while helping you build the same within yourself.

If you want to book a session with less than 24 hours notice please call the store at (415) 306-7707. Thanks!