Anna Stid, D.C.

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Shamanic Chiropractic | Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) | Core Shamanic Healing

Dr. Anna Stid BBA D.C. is committed to offering services that will help you claim and be your most sovereign-soul-self, fully embodied and in alignment with your soul's calling and mission.  She is here to serve you if you are ready to take on the massive responsibility of being fully you and living your Dharma in service to Humanity. 

Neuro Emotional Technique  (NET), is a mind-body healing technology that finds and removes neurological imbalances and chronic unresolved stress patterns adversely affecting your nervous system and ability to be effective in your life the way you want to be.  These unresolved stress patterns are called, NEC’s or Neuro-Emotional Complexes

NECs are comprised of hardwired emotional responses trapped in the body like a broken record that plays over and over until the song either completes or the needle comes off the record by intervention. NET helps complete these broken hardwired emotional pathways by creating a physiological change.  NET frees energy from the completed NECs, and as a result,  you can be free of the stress patterns that have you reacting to, vs. responding to life.

30-minute session- $125 | 45 minute session- $200

Core Shamanic Healing: comprises of common healing modalities found across the globe practiced  in most all indigenous traditions in some form or another.  

These healing modalities include: 

  • Soul Retrieval- Soul parts or parts of our essence that remained in the past to avert a traumatic or possible traumatic event in order to self preserve your perfect soul essence.

  • Spirit Ally Retrieval- A spirit in the form of totem animal typically that offers you power, protection & support

  • Energy Extractions- Removes energies that are not compatible or in harmony with your life-force that are like parasites that are ready to be moved along.

  • Spirit Release Work- Conscious energies that are knowingly or unknowingly attaching to your life-force and taking your vital energy. Kind of like a squatter that's not paying rent yet benefiting from living in your home.

  • Powering Up the life-force for one experiencing illness or less than well being- a great way to support or facilitate the healing process.

  • Pyscho-Pomp work: Pyscho-Pomp is the Greek word for “soul conducting”. Helping lost or trapped souls to cross over to the next stage of their evolutionary process as a conscious soul.

60-minute session- $150 | 90-minute session - $250

Shamanic Chiropractic ~  is a leading-edge strategy to address the body/mind connection to reduce or eliminate stress patterns in your life, in collaboration with Core Shamanic modalities to address the energetic and spiritual levels of healing. Dr. Anna also utilizes Network Chiropractic to help integrate and incorporate these changes so that your landing is soft and gentle after an intensive healing session. 

60-minute session - $250

If you want to book a session with less than 24 hours notice please call the store at (415) 306-7707. Thanks!