Deidre Norman


Intuitive Reader | Intuitive Coach | Yoga Teacher

Intuitive Readings

Deidre’s readings begin with a short energy reading. She then leads her clients through an energy healing and a chakra reading. Each reading takes on a path of its own, each one is unique and individual. Deidre sees mental, emotional, physical, and /or energy blocks. Limiting beliefs come into awareness and messages may arise from spirit guides. The readings help clients find clarity in their lives and Deidre’s goal is to make sure that each client leaves with a sense of empowerment. Each client is given a short meditation or breath work exercise, to keep their vibration and energy high after the reading.

About Deidre

Deidre Norman is a an Intuitive Reader, Intuitive Coach and a Yoga Teacher. She currently teaches Yoga in Jackson Hole and San Francisco, and leads retreats around the world. She has been teaching Yoga for 10 years and has over 1000 hours of training, most of her training has been done in the foothills of the Himalayas (India). In 2016, she received a Masters Degree in Medical Intuition from AIM, and she has been working as an Intuitive for 3 years. She is also the owner of SF Yoga Magazine, working to connect and inspire the Yoga community.  

 60-minute reading -$150

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