Katie Sabin

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Medium  I Spiritual Coach

I channel angels, guides, loved ones and energetic healing to support you to be your best Self.  I also assist you to find harmony, healing and peace in your relationships. It is my honor and joy to support you in releasing restrictions, finding clarity and expanding your innate, divine gifts.  My sessions help heal wounds from current and past lives as well as anchor new practices that strengthen you. At times, I also share examples of my own transformative experiences and lessons as well.  

As I observe in my own life, it is important to embrace the tangible and practical: to have the intuition and follow the leading, but then to also take the actions to manifest what we want to see and have in our lifetime. We are souls who chose to come to Earth to create, to experience, to express our divine nature.  How fun and powerful to feel and know this is true! It is liberation.

Partner with me to deeply reconnect with yourself, align and open further to live more of the amazing life that is divinely intended for you!

60-minute session - $155

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