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Kundalini Yoga: A Woman's Yogic Beauty Series with Ravijit Kaur

  • heart tribe 7 Bolinas Rd. Fairfax, CA 94930 USA (map)
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Kundalini Yoga: A Woman's Yogic Beauty Series with Ravijit Kaur

A two hour class of movement, gong meditation and healing herbal body scrubs

"The greatest thing you can praise is yourself. As you stand before the mirror and look into it, you look to yourself as a woman. You look to yourself as a graceful woman. You look to yourself as a competent, intelligent woman. You can give thanks for it. It should be so automatic with you."  Yogi Bhajan July 31, 1984

Women are the containers through which all creative energy flows. We have the power to beam our energy in a way that exalts our beauty and radiance. When we move in right action and flow, we raise our caliber and create command of our universe. This allows us to "hold the pose" -- to have the energy and frequency it takes to withstand our challenges in ways that do not shake or rattle us. In essence, this command is the science and technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. 

Yogi Bhajan gave many profound teachings on the radiance, aura, beauty and projection of a woman. In this 2 hour workshop you will explore these teachings through a traditional kundalini yoga practice that includes a gong sound bath. Afterward, you will spend time in circle with your classmates creating a personalized sugar scrub to take home to use to personify your radiance and beauty through personal ritual and bathing. 

As women, we create the baseline for the future. When we are insecure, it is almost always exploited. If society does not respect the women that created it, it will fall. Gather on July 14 with other women to set the foundations of a movement of women who confidently see themselves as radiant, beautiful and effective at creating the change and healing needed in the Aquarian Age. 

"Your greatest art of life to win the world is to move gracefully with utmost patience, tolerance, kindness and compassion, because Mother is not which delivers a baby. Mother is which delivers the universe...If you want to see the strength of a nation, you can see it in the depth of the eyes of the woman and the smile on the face of the child. If you want to see God on earth, you can see it in the depth of the commitment of the woman towards her own nobility. If you ever want to see the miracle of God, just see a very saintly, noble, committed, divine woman, and wherever the light of her human eyes fall, that becomes heaven...and that is the power of a woman." Yogi Bhajan 7/15/88

Ravijit Kaur has been practicing Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan since 2002. Her teachers include Yogi Bhajan and many of his direct descendents through the Golden Chain lineage. Ravijit maintains an intentional and deep daily sadhana practice and teaches at every opportunity that arises. She is currently enrolled in an expansive Kundalini Women’s Program and has traveled to India and beyond to pursue the growth of her practice. In addition to Kundalini, Ravijit has taught many other forms of Hatha Yoga throughout the years. She has recently returned to the Bay Area after spending 10 years in Detroit, MI. Outside of her practice, Ravijit enjoys work as a metalsmith jewelry artist and considers herself to be a creative being creating an intentional life and having the most amazing human experience!