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Journey to Illumination - An Evening with the Akashic Records

  • heart tribe 7 bolinas rd. fairfax, ca 94930 USA (map)
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Wouldn’t you love to change your perspective on something that’s holding you back?

Release a burden you’ve been carrying unnecessarily for as long as you can remember?

Make better decisions that will bring you more wonderful things in your life?

Or are you curious about something that’s going on for you - what’s it about?

The Akashic Records is described as a multi-dimensional library where all the information and wisdom of each and very soul is found.- and it has your answers. It’s an ancient tool, a portal,  into your life and lives, where the masters guide you toward living a better, more joyful life each and every day!

In our evening together, you will experience:
- Insight into how this tool works, and how it can serve you.
- Releasing of old energy, blocks, agreements you didn’t even were there, but will make you feel lighter and more joyful.
- The opportunity to be in the space of the divine, to feel the energy connection to source and its creative power within you.
- An expansion of your sense of knowing; a presence and groundedness that opens up your perception and perspective.
- A community of like-minded people who also recognize that, with all our personal issues, there’s a joy of being connected to others and of supporting each other..

I will provide for you:
- A circle of space, safety and openness.
- Insight into what Akashic Records are, how they work; and answer your questions.
- A lush, healing guided journey in the Akashic records
- A tool you can take home and use instantly to continue to feel more connected, relaxed, and to open up your imagination to the messages you’re meant to receive.

"Jen did an Akashic Records reading for me, but more than that. She does these healings and clearings I can’t begin to understand, but I could feel them. I had so many things shift as a result of my work with her, and to this day I’m still feeling the benefits." ~ Anastasia Netri

"I am becoming more grounded and more in touch with myself and my purpose. Every day seems to be naturally in place and I find my Heart is open without even thinking about it. Thanks again for your good work!" ~ J.A.

About Jen Duchene: 

As an Akashic Reader who comes from a long line of healers, I draw from my bottomless toolbox of intuitive intelligence, Akashic and numeric mastery, and the power of my signature Illuminating Journey Cards©. I provide Divine soul translations, serving as a clear channel to my clients as they release ‘emotional weight’ and activate fast-track healing which illuminates a new path forward.

Awaken the intuitive power within you.

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