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Full Moon Platica & Ritual of Release w/ Metzmecatl, Moon Lineage Medicine

  • heart tribe 7 bolinas rd fairfax, ca 94930 USA (map)
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The full moon ritual of release series offers a safe and potent ceremonial space for release, renewal, and the reclamation of our deep intuitive gifts and magical self care tools. Starting with a platica (a talk and teaching on specific topics), we will learn techniques for emotional well being and the flowering of our most sacred potential.

Then, engaging the month's theme, we will enter into deep ritual to align with the full moon, a powerful time to release the excessive energies and emotions we have collected, in order to restore balance and make room for the full flowering of our dreams and intentions.

Topics covered stem from the rich traditions of Curanderismo, Nahualismo, folk herbalism, and magick. Come join Melusina Gomez of Metzmecatl for sacred practices to increase our perceptual skills, to heal, and to rejuvenate ourselves.

Breaking Family Curses and Recovering Ancestral Gifts - The most important way to honor our ancestors is to help them heal the traumas, burdens, and mistakes that they could not address in their lifetimes. This is also the way to free ourselves of many repetitive, destructive patterns and blocks. However we feel about our generations past, the map of their experience lives within our unconscious and in our blood. With the compassion to witness, we can find the root of our major challenges, offer healing to those who came before, release patterns of generational trauma, and recover long lost lineage gifts. This is the season of the ancestors. Come to listen to their stories and insights, and work together with them to heal one aspect of your life that undermines or blocks you from that which you want to create. There will be a guided self limpia cleansing ritual for healing the old winds and curse breaking. Bring an obsidian egg, if you have one, a small plastic bag (freezer bag or vegetable/grocery bag), a small bowl for water, and a soft blanket.

Melusina Gomez is a curandera and practitioner of Nahualismo. Coming from a deep love of mysticism and ancestral medicine, she has dedicated the past 20 years to studying and practicing the healing forms of her Mexican lineage. In recent years she has specialized in addressing personal and generational trauma, ritual art making, and dreaming arts, and currently has a private healing practice at Heart Tribe in Fairfax.

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