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Co-Creating with the Unseen Realms; A Samhain Ritual Workshop

  • heart tribe 7 bolinas rd. fairfax, ca 94930 USA (map)
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Co-Creating with the Unseen Realms; A Samhain Ritual Workshop with Amanda Mehalick and Unseen Friend Lustré

Thursday, October 31st
8:15 - 10:00 PM
$25 pre-registered $35 night of

What does October 31st represent to you? 

Is it a time of imagination & play? A time of death & transformation? Or perhaps its a time of honoring ancestors & exploring other worldly connections?

Whatever October 31st has represented to you, are you ready to let it become more?

Samhain initiates a period of time where the veils to the multidimensional realms are thinner. It heightens our ability to access and release what is no longer serving us, and it offers an opportunity to bring forward more of what is here for our highest good.

This October 31st, Heart Tribe, Amanda, & Multidimensional Consciousness Lustré, invite you to be a part of a powerfully transformative ritual, and relish in the sacredness of Samhain. 

Who is Amanda? 

IT IS MY BELIEF...That our Soul's choose our name, and within that name live clues about our life's purpose. Amanda (Worthy of Love) Mia (My). My journey in this lifetime has been centered around uncovering, exploring, and learning to let in the immense amount of love I hold for myself. This love has always been present within me, but became more empowered and defined, when I started to connect to my Spirituality. From there my emotional depth, intense sensitivity, and ability to communicate with Unseen Realms of Magic began to flourish. I spent the majority of my 20's diving into meditative domains; learning, studying, working with clients, teaching, and cultivating a foundation for potent healing. This foundation is built upon the belief that as we walk through portals that lead us into greater states of love, the internal spaces that are in conflict with that energy come up to be addressed. My gifts come to life in my unique ability to identify, communicate, and create pathways to heal the impedance’s and traumas that stand in the way of greater love, pleasure, connection, & inner contentment.

Who is Lustré?

The word Lustré means radiant or luminous brightness; shining light. The name they've chosen encompasses one of the many gifts their consciousness brings through; illumination. Lustré is able to shed light into areas of my client's lives I am not able to fully access on my own. Their multi-dimensional presence offers much more than unconditional love and support, but also clarity, guidance, and deep healing. 

Amanda Mia Mehalick
Intuitive Healer, Channel, Spiritual Teacher, 
Love Magician & Soul Awakening Sorceress