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Cacao Medicine Journey with Nicole Gnutzman

  • heart tribe 7 bolinas rd. fairfax, ca 94930 (map)
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Friday, October 11
(pre-registration required; tickets available until 30 minutes before ceremony)

Cacao Medicine Journey
A journey of inner reconnection, healing and wholeness

Cacao medicine journeys are a deeply somatic, lucid dreamlike experience that reconnect mind-body-spirit-soul, while facilitating an inner sense of calm and renewal, and deep clarity. Spirit guides and ancestors often join us on on our journeys for inner healing and guidance.

This beautiful practice honors shamanic tradition and wisdom by calling in the life force energies of the Directions and Elements, Spirit Animals and Spirit Guides, Star Beings and Ancestors. After we drink the cacao, which is pure ceremonial cacao from Guatemala, hand selected and blessed by a shaman for its energetic properties, and sweetened with honey and spices, we call in an intention and then deepen into the experience through guided visual meditation, shamanic drumming, Reiki healing and sacred music. Sharing with the group post ceremony, deepens that connection and creates a sense of relationship and community.

This gentle healing journey

*inspires creativity and improves mental clarity

*supports inner healing and clears emotional blocks

*allows access to inner guidance and wisdom

*facilitates a sense of wholeness and oneness.

How to prepare for ceremony: For optimal effect of the cacao, it's best to fast for 3 hours before and partake lightly of caffeine and dairy for the day. Hydrating with water, before, during and after ceremony, and drinking electrolytes, is advised as cacao is a mild diuretic and detoxifier. 

Medication contraindicators: Cacao is not recommended for people who are taking heart medication or anti-depressants. If you are taking one of these medications, you are welcome to join us in ceremony without cacao or enjoy a smaller serving.

What we’ll be drinking: A warm cacao elixir of raw ceremonial cacao from Guatemala, blended with cardamom, ginger, a hint of chile pepper and raw honey (if you are vegan and would prefer another sweetener, please let us know ahead of time).

What to bring: For your journey, bring a yoga mat and blanket to create a cacao cocoon as we lie on the ground for part of ceremony, an eye mask, bottle of water, and a journal and pen. Feel free to bring a crystal or mala or other sacred object to have with you or place on the altar for blessing.

Intention for ceremony: You may wish to take a moment to reflect on your intention for ceremony It could be a desire for clarity or guidance in your work, life or relationship; inner reconnection and healing; deeper connection with Spirit or your ancestors; or simply ask Mama Cacao for the medicine you most need in this moment. Opening, allowing and receiving are all you need to do….

About Nicole

Nicole Gnutzman, MA, ACC leads journeys to wholeness through inner wisdom practices, cacao medicine and shamanic drum journeys, and transformational coaching. She is a Cacao Medicine, Shamanic and Reiki II Practitioner, Transformational Coach, and Cacao Mentor and Practitioner Trainer. She holds group, 1:1 and couples cacao medicine and drum journeys at healing arts centers and spas in northern California and in private homes, businesses, and retreats. She teaches cacao as personal practice and as transformation for ceremonial and healing arts, and writes a blog called the Cacao Journals at She lives in Bolinas, CA.

With love,


Nicole Gnutzman

SOULSCAPE coaching & journeys
leading journeys to wholeness