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FULL MOON Shamanic Breathwork

  • heart tribe 7 Bolinas Road Fairfax, CA, 94930 United States (map)
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FULL MOON Shamanic Breathwork

The Full Moon is an auspicious time where energies are heightened, magic is abundant, and the field of transformation is activated. The ancients revered the Full Moon as a powerful portal—a doorway that we could walk through to release our inner demons, restore our spirits and manifest our desires. On October 13, 2019 the moon will be Full and the portals between the worlds will be open. This will be an opportune time for ritual and ceremony focused around healing and transformation as well as manifesting magic and abundance! 

Use your breath to drop into these powerful lunar energies and allow the Shamanic Breathwork Process to enhance your journey between the worlds! 

A Full Moon Shamanic Breathwork Journey and Ceremony will be happening on October 13th(7pm-9pm) at heart tribe in Fairfax, CA! 

Connect to the energies of the Full Moon, take the medicine of your breath, and set your soul free! 

About Shamanic Breathwork®
Shamanic Breathwork® is a powerful somatic process, ritual and ceremony that allows individuals to experience deep healing and transformation on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. Using a connected circular breathing technique in conjunction with activating chakra attuned music, the Shamanic Breathwork® Process supports individuals in releasing outdated programming, unhealthy patterns and behaviors, and limiting beliefs. Through this transformative process, individuals journey and experience different realms of consciousness; accessing Greater Love, Wisdom, Healing and Transformation. 

Based upon the premise that the healer—shaman—lives within, the Shamanic Breathwork® Process is an experiential tool that creates the space for individuals journey beyond the limits of their ego selves, and access the wisdom and power of the shaman within. 


Shamanic Breathwork® can support individuals in:

-       Accessing and awakening different levels of consciousness

-       Accelerating Personal and Spiritual Growth

-       Transforming Trauma and Core Wounds

-       Reclaiming Lost Soul Parts

-       Stepping into their Power 

-       Discovering their Soul’s Purpose

-       Making Real and Lasting Change in their Lives 

-       Connecting with Ancestors

-       Discovering Power Animals

-       Journeying through Time, Space, and Different Dimensions

-       Breaking through limiting patterns, behaviors, and beliefs 

-       Embodying their Future Selves

The Shamanic Breathwork® Process is the vehicle in which we connect to our Soul’s innate wisdom—the shaman within— and remember who it is we came here to be. Experience the medicine of your own breath and set your Soul free.

What to Bring: a yoga mat (recommended), pillow, blanket, water bottle, journal 


About Jasin Deegan
Jasin Deegan is a Master Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator and a Shamanic Minister, certified and ordained through Venus Rising Association for Transformation.

Originially born in Orlando, Florida, Jasin has been journeying along his spiritual path since 2005. Jasin has practiced, and continues to study a wide range of spiritual traditions including: breathwork, the Tarot, occult philosophy, magic, earth-based spirituality, contemplative practices, shamanic psycho-spiritual practices, crystal healing, and Reiki.

Jasin first experienced the Shamanic Breathwork® Process in 2010. After his first journey, Jasin knew that Shamanic Breathwork® was his Soul’s Calling and Sacred Purpose.

Since 2016, Jasin has apprenticed directly under Linda Star Wolf (the creator of the Shamanic Breathwork® Process) and the Venus Rising team. Through these direct studies with Star Wolf and Venus Rising, Jasin has cultivated and refined his ability to hold safe, sacred space for shamanic psycho-spiritual work. He has apprenticed and supported Shamanic Breathwork® Processes in Teotihuacan, Mexico, Peru and Bali.

Jasin is passionate about Shamanic Breathwork® and using this tool and ceremony to awaken consciousness. Jasin believes that within each living being resides the power to: awaken to a new awareness; heal core wounds; transform consciousness; embody a higher purpose and calling, and become the Divine Beings we were born to be.

Jasin lives in the Bay Area of California and facilitates Shamanic Breathwork® Workshops across the nation.