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28 Days of Nourish to Flourish - with Angelina Frost

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(Tip: Read to the bottom of this invitation to learn about how to get your free copy of Nourish to Flourish.)

You Are Invited!

Get 28-days of support, encouragement, camaraderie AND a fourteen-point *customizable* daily self-care routine that covers ALL the bases. Your handbook, 28-Days of Nourish to Flourish is worth way more than your $27 investment to participate in the group. Plus, less than a dollar a day gives you access to encouragement, heart-full support, tricks and tips throughout the course.

What if you could have the joy of connection PLUS traction in a self-care routine that addresses all aspects of your wellness--body, mind and spirit--without a major time commitment? Engage 28-Days of Nourish to Flourish as an experiment and an adventure; a support circle as well as a witness to the progress you've made, when we complete.

How it works: 

We begin our journey with an opening celebration circle where we meet and address your questions. 28-Days later, when we meet for our closing, we will celebrate what changed.

NOTE FOR PARTICIPANTS: To receive your free copy of 28-Days of Nourish to Flourish and discover a community of others who share your wellness objectives, get your ticket now to reserve your seat. Space is limited.

OR - If the time isn't right for you, you can still get your free copy of 28-Days of Flourish to Nourish by simply visiting my website!

For a peek into the 18-page, wisdom-dense blueprint you'll receive, see below.**


Angelina brings thirty years of training, practice and hard-won experience as a mother, wife, activist, leader and instructor... but most importantly, as a devout student of life. 

Angelina can confidently meet you with strength, compassion, purpose and love, while helping you build or reclaim the same in yourself. With BPI (1989-1993), ACIM (1994-present), Louise Hay, (1995-present) Byron Katie (1998-present), Marshall Rosenberg (1998-2000), Gary Craig (2000-present), Julia Butterfly Hill (2000-2011), Bryan Franklin (2009-present), Christie Marie Sheldon (2014-present), and Brené Brown (2015-present) as her trainers and mentors, she brings every bit of her broad range of training and life experience to serve you in your ever evolving nature.                                                         

**28-Days of Nourish to Flourish

Notice that in the following daily self-care routine, many of the items on the list are activities you already do daily, and that others are already there during some of the days.

Here is a brief outline of what you'll get from 28-Days of Nourish to Flourish:

1. Get 7+ hours of sleep per night

2. BREATHE (5-10 minutes)

3. Drink 16 ounces of water upon waking (1 minute)

4. Write Morning Pages (5-15 minutes)

5. Meditation/Prayer (10-20 minutes)

6. Move and sweat (10-20 minutes)

7. Yoga/Qigong/Tai Chi (5-15 minutes) 

8. Shower (5-15 minutes – 1-2 minutes in cold water)

9. Consume 30 grams of protein for breakfast (5-15 minutes)

10. Review your life vision – daily (5-10 minutes)

11. Listen to or read uplifting or enriching content (0 minutes when combined with items 6, 9 or a commute)

12. Action with your heart’s desires in mind – daily – (10-60 minutes)

13. PLAY (5-15 minutes)

14. Give yourself approval on a daily basis. Can be done after you complete any item on this list!! (10-30 SECONDS cumulatively through the day)

The benefit of bolstering your self-care routine by holding hands with others, and affirming, acknowledging and approving of yourself for the good things that you do for you is three-fold: it causes you to notice your own efforts and include them in a conscious way; it nourishes your soul to receive that kind of attention from yourself; it gives power to your intention of wholeness and wellbeing. By being part of a group who is in on it with you, keeps you on track, encouraged, and in a state of knowing that your success and struggles matter to more people than just you.

For your free copy of 28-Days of Flourish to Nourish, please visit my website!