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Connect With Your Celestial Guides with Sima

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Have you had a feeling that you are always being "looked out" for?

In this workshop you will learn how to connect with your Celestial Guides, Spirit Team and Archangels. Our Celestial Guides and our spirit team are always around us. They are here to help guide us on our journey in this lifetime and the next. Through this process you can experience your consciousness expanding, healing, opening and clearing of chakras, meditation techniques, Gratitude for your higher self, and letting go of what no longer serves you in your journey.

The Goal: Everyone will leave feeling more empowered to connect with their guides. 

Connecting with your Celestial Guides Can Help with:

-Feeling happier and healthier 

-Empowering your mind, body and soul

-Deeper connection with your higher self

-Trusting the Universe and letting go

-Finding peace for yourself

-Glowing with joy

Bring a journal, blanket and (a pillow if you wish)

Healing With Sima

Growing up I always knew that I was different in how I felt things around me in the spiritual realm. I remember at an early age that I could feel and hear spirits. I was different in the sense of feeling the world on an empathetic level. I have always been fascinated with crystals from an early age.Then, I was fast asleep and it happened my spirit guide told me to get “Aqua Aura” a loud and clear whisper in my ear and realized that is when my third eye opened up for the first time. I knew that the universe was and is looking out for me. I have had growth and learning experiences in my life that I wouldn’t change because they made me who I am today.

I am channeling the energy of the crystals and angelic beings. I am here to help guide, heal and to make you feel at peace. We all have a “story” but it’s how we help ourselves with the wisdom and healing that we can turn our story into a continued journey of healing and happy endings.

My goal is to help heal and create open and loving space for my clients. Once you learn how to heal, then you can grow from within and create joy in all areas of your life.

Crystal Blessings!

Instagram: @ healingwithsima