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Spring Forward with Katie Sabin

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Spring Forward with Katie Sabin

Do you feel the call of new beginnings? March’s Spring Equinox is uplifting the energy to support you in releasing limiting patterns and embracing new heart centered opportunities.

Would you like to receive advice from your guides to help you align and receive the new gifts of the season? The gifts of expansion and deeper connection to yourself?

Come receive the personalized support and messages you need. Please know that everything channeled for this gathering positively affects and uplifts us all.

Sunday April 7


Advance Ticket $20

At the Door $25

Special Participant Offer: 20% or 25% Off!

Event participants will have the opportunity to buy

  • One (1) in-person session for 20% off the normal price

  • OR Two (2) in-person sessions for 25% off.


Hi! I’m Katie. I channel angels, guides, loved ones and energetic healing to support you to be your best Self. I also assist you to find harmony, healing and peace in your relationships. It is my honor and joy to support you in releasing restrictions, finding clarity and expanding your innate, divine gifts. My sessions help heal wounds as well as anchor new practices that empower and expand your journey. 

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