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Akashic Record Reading or Illuminating Journey Card Readings with Jen Duchene

  • heart tribe 7 bolinas rd fairfax, ca 94930 USA (map)
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Akashic Record Reader & Healer | Spiritual Counselor | Illuminating Journey Cardist 

Our work together will give you insight into your own truth, your own inner wisdom, and your particular journey. We dismantle the energy of resistance, stories, and programming created this and many lifetimes ago that are keeping you stuck. With this healing comes the freedom and clarity to shape a new, more awakened way of being, so you can unfold a new future. 


In our Akashic Reading session, you connect to your inner wisdom so you can understand why you chose certain experiences in your life. Your intuitive abilities are activated and heightened so you see your life more clearly and lovingly. You have the opportunity to heal hurts from this and past lifetimes, often for good. 

Breakthroughs happen!

You are held in a safe, loving container, where you can openly explore concerns, ask questions, and receive supportive healing guidance. Bring to the session whatever areas of life you choose - love, relationships, money, purpose - that are keeping you in the dark. 

You’ll emerge feeling “lighter,” calmer, clearer, feeling free -- because you ARE free -- to make empowered changes in your life right away. 

The Akashic Records are an etheric evolving library, which holds all knowledge of your soul’s navigation, including gifts, unconscious patterns, belief systems, agreements, events, traumas and triggers.

Be ready for a highly transformational experience that can change your life forever.

BREAKTHROUGH TO WISDOM SESSION    45 min - $145 | 90 min - $270  | 3 45-minute sessions  - $400

In our session, you will emerge with divine guidance, transformative shifts, and practical answers for any aspect of your life. As we use this tool together, you infuse your energy -- along with mine and the Akashic Masters -- to find the messages meant for you and your particular journey, in the way you need to hear it.

This is not fortune-telling; it will not predict your future. It’s a portal to understand your present so you can make more informed, desirable choices and take control of your future. You receive wisdom that empowers you to live your Truth right now. Why wait for someday?

The Illuminating Journey Cards© are one of a kind (not Tarot or Oracle)  divination cards which shine a light on your situation by connecting you to the navigation of your soul. 

It’s been a strange and wonderful honor to bring these ‘soul portals’ to life.  I know – and am told – they’re very powerful, carrying wisdom to help people get more comfortable with who they are.

ILLUMINATING JOURNEY CARD© READING   30 min $55 | 60 minutes  $90

About Jen:
As an Akashic Reader who comes from a long line of healers, I draw from my bottomless toolbox of intuitive intelligence, Akashic and numeric mastery, and the power of my signature Illuminating Journey Cards©. I provide Divine soul translations, serving as a clear channel to my clients as they release ‘emotional weight’ and activate fast-track healing which illuminates a new path forward.

Love & Crowns,
Jen DucheneIlluminator, Akashic Healer, Teacher, Author, Creator.


Awaken the intuitive power within you.

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