Karrie Myers Taylor

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Empowerment Astrology  | Crystal Medicine Reiki

For your Empowerment Astrology session, Karrie combines her study of depth psychology astrology - and her background as a Breakthrough Coach - to help you take advantage of the aspects she discovers in your chart. Clients have found her unique and modern interpretation of their chart to be not only liberating, but also Empowering, and they have gone on to use the information to make profound and healing changes in their personal and professional lives. Karrie's Empowerment Astrology comes from a deep desire to help people accept challenges - but also embrace the gifts they may be blind to - and use them towards their personal care, personal growth and personal revolution. Reiki helps you release stress and tension by creating deep relaxation.  Selected crystals placed on the body draws out negative energy and imbalances. 

30-minute session - $50 | 60-minute session - $100

Crystal Medicine Reiki can bring you relief from everything from minor aches to major health concerns.  You'll leave your session lighter, balanced and clear.  Karrie has been a practicing, certified Reiki Practitioner for 13 years, and is truly honored to share this form of non-invasive, affordable preventative medicine with you!

75-minute session - $125

If you want to book a session with less than 24 hours notice please call the store at (415) 306-7707. Thanks!