Erika Joan


Channel | Reiki Master | Sophia Dragon Oracle 

Oracle & Energy Temple Sessions 

Enter a session for clarity, transformation, prosperity gates, healing, soul activations, channeled messages, energy work, and more!   A session with Erika Joan is rich with oracular insights and/or energy (Reiki) clearing and activations.  When you choose, we can bring channeled messages from the Ascended Light mentors, such as Hathor or Mary Magdalene, or personal loved ones that have crossed over, into the session for accelerated healing and guidance.

Divine Feminine Ascended Mentors come through with energetic activations, cellular upgrades, and messages to Light up your personal path as a Light Being for this revolution of Divine Love we are creating.

Energy & Journey work- $122/hr

Channeling & Accelerated Activations- $155/hr 

Inner Temple Sessions $122/hr

Creatrix-Healer-Teacher Chakra Synching-Throat-Heart-Creation Center (Lower Chakras)

Reiki Energy where guided, whole body, All Chakras

Inner Child Healing Journey, Soul Retrieval 

Self-Compassion and learning how to sweep the inner temple floors (aka self-care), goal setting, narrative exploration (similar to talk therapy)

Gaia Temple Sessions $122/hr

Energy and Channeling work using earth element tools. 

Plant Portal session: Exploring particular plants that may offer healing qualities, or using plants in session to access the subconscious. 

Animal guided sessions, discovering your animal medicine

Hathor Temple $155/hr

Channeling work with Hathor

Toning/Throat Chakra, sound healing

Sacral Chakra

Astral Traveling, past life, loved ones crossed over

Mystery School of Hathor

Magdalene Temple $155/hr

Channeling work with Mary Magdalene *(and her scared partner Yeshua, they are always in synergy together)

Accelerated Body and Sexual Healing

Healing the Sacred Union within.

Womb Clearing

Ethereal repair for the sexual anatomy 

High-Level Energy Activations

About Erika

Erika Joan is an Oracle working directly with the Ascended Light Mentors for bringing forward powerful transmissions of Light. Erika Joan is a Reiki Master, a Sophia Code Dragon Graduate, with an extensive background in psychology, meditation, & Earth practices. 

As a conduit through Earth & Spirit, her spaces are woven with alchemical magic for activating portals of healing and spiritual transmissions, bringing us into multi-dimensional experiences. Here to embody the reminder that our inner temple is pure radiant divine power capable of electro ecstatic bliss. 

If you want to book a session with less than 24 hours notice please call the store at (415) 306-7707. Thanks!