Christi Hester


Hands on Healing | Holistic Massage & Yoga

Christi Hester is a certified massage therapist, yoga teacher, and artist. She has been studying holistic healing for the past 7 years, including trainings with Diamond Light Massage School, Lotus Palm Thai Massage School, and Asheville Community Yoga Center. Christi assists clients in becoming more in tune with their physical, emotional and subtle bodies, opening up opportunities to heal old wounds that are ready for release. She emphasizes breath, creativity, and heart-body-mind connection in her sessions. She believes in the power of tuning into the body's innate intelligence and "re-wilding" the soul with fine-tuned awareness to release chronic physical pain, emotional pain, and destructive thought patterns. Christi's practice is driven by curiosity and compassion, as she is devoted to treating each client as an expression of the divine.

Massage Treatments:

60-minute session - $90

90-minute session - $120

120-minute session - $150


Young Living Aromatherapy - $20

Personalized mini yoga sequence (5-10 postures) - $40

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