Victoria von Gorski


Tarot | Psychic Readings 

Readings that are always timely and insightful. The Tarot is a wonderful tool to create a map of what is presently working in your life and what your highest good would like to point out to you to assist you on your journey.  

Energy Healing Sessions

We are multi-dimensional beings, that have deep wisdom within us. It is my privilege to assist and serve humanity as a channel to access the wisdom that lies within each of us.My sessions typically start with an energy scan and move into the deeper realms of your souls desire to be whole. 

Sessions can include: Past life Discovery, Ancestral Information, Sound Healing, Attachment Release, Soul Language and more. Healing for the Here and Now. 

I am an Empath and Psychic. I only work with the Universal Collective of love and light. I began working professionally as a Tarot Card Reader in Sarasota Florida in 1985. As the years progressed I have worked with numerous Shamans and Healers to assist in my own healing and to assist others in theirs. I am part of a Sundance Community in Medford Oregon and have received much of my teachings from Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand and other Uncles and Aunties on the Red Road. My work came to Apex when I moved to a remote island in Thailand in 2002. I lived with a large community of Yogis and Healers while living in Thailand and became a Certified Yoga Teacher in 2010. Being blessed to work along side 100's of healers over the years, I have honed my own gifts and can access many different healing practices for each session. I am a Licensed Minister of the Universal Light and licensed Spiritual Counselor in the State of California. 

Tarot Readings 30-minute session- $40 | 60-minute session- $80

Energy Healing Sessions | 60-minute session- $100  | 90-minute session- $150

If you want to book a session with less than 24 hours notice please call the store at (415) 306-7707. Thanks!