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About Heart Tribe

Holding a space for mysticism, love, magic and community with workshops, events, tarot and astrology readings, and healing services. We carry hand-selected crystals, tarot & oracle decks, tantalizing scented oils, specialty jewelry and clothing, and locally-made goods. 






Adorn yourself in beauty & surround yourself with magic. Enchantments of all sorts await you...


Heart Tribe carries many hand-crafted and local artisan’s creations: Wakan Regalia medicine leatherworks, Godseye Oils, Hampui Medicine Hats, CBD Oils, vintage glasses, and all the crystals and minerals you’ve ever dreamed of!




About Lili




About Lili

The visionary behind Heart Tribe is Lili Shuster,  a healer, mother, yogi, and all-around loving spirit. Lili was guided to create Heart Tribe as a gathering space for folks of all interests and backgrounds to come together and support each other in sharing their gifts, using healing modalities and divination tools to deepen self love & explore the highest blessings of their paths.

Lili's bright, inclusive spirit is woven into the foundation of Heart Tribe, making it a place where all who enter feel warmly welcomed.